An early rush

Perry Home Harvest Green framing

Our Perry Home in Harvest Green in the framing stage

The early stages of the construction of our new home were thrilling. I met with the construction manager, Jeff, an affable fellow who talked up the many benefits of Perry Homes. Not all of those would come to be, but it was a feel-good discussion, and we felt good about the venture. Within a week of our design center appointment, the foundation was being prepared – there is no digging required for that in Houston, which helps. Another week later, the concrete had been poured, and framing was underway. It was my daily source of entertainment to swing by the house after work and watch the rapid progress. Sure, there were a few mistakes in evidence (they neglected to give us a doorway from our master bedroom into the master bathroom for one), but at this stage everything was easily fixable. We were a little annoyed to find that one of the construction workers took a nail gun and used 40 nails to write his initials in an upstairs floor. Jeff said that would be fixed in due time, but the nails stayed put. That was perhaps an early indication of how promises from Perry Homes representatives somehow carried less weight than we had come to expect dealing with other businesses. But still, it was fun to see so much happening all at once, and little things didn’t overly bother us. Had we had only had little things to deal with, we would be pleased as punch even now!

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